Download Accessible For Mac 1.2.0

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

You've surely wondered on more than one occasion how to transfer files between a phone and a PC without using cables. The most usual way of doing so, for instance, is sharing your files on an online storage service of the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive, but this can be troublesome if the file is very heavy and we don't have a WiFi connection at hand.

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Download Accessible For Mac 1.2.0 Software


How to transfer files without cables?

Download Accessible For Mac 1.2.0 Torrent

To solve this problem we can resort to SuperBeam, a program that works similarly to others of the likes of SHAREit to transfer files without cables or an Internet connection, and based on created a WiFi access point to which the devices involved can connect through the version of the application corresponding to their operating system. Nevertheless, the difference is that both devices do need to share the same wireless network.

Therefore, to connect your PC to an Android smartphone (the iOS app is on its way), you need to install the program on your phone and on Windows, of course. For the latter, you also need to install Java. From there on, you can connect both devices by means of a QR code and you'll be able to start transferring files between them.

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Forget about cables: just a QR code or a URL.

These are its main features that are also extended to other platforms of the likes of Linux and Mac:

  • Transfer files between your PC and mobile devices connecting them by means of QR codes or sharing a key.
  • Receive files by simply scanning the code with your phone's camera.
  • Simple drag & drop system.
  • Share the URL with those devices that haven't got the app installed.

Although the program can be downloaded and used for free, there's also a pro version that allows us to share files in a much tidier manner (keeping a hierarchy), without adverts and sharing with several devices at once. And as we said before, it's available on several platforms apart from Windows: Mac, Linux, and Android in APK format.

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7.