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Posted : admin On 1/24/2022
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Download BudgetMac 1.6.5

Create the best music with a beat maker that supports MIDI pattern insertions and drum pattern customizations, and offers extensive library packages of built-in sounds and templates from experienced sound engineers and famous artist

What's new in Serato Studio 1.6.5:

  • New features:
  • Song View Automation - you can now automate track parameters across your Scene, Audio and Master tracks in Song View.
  • Halve or double the BPM of files in the library using keyboard shortcuts when editing the BPM field:
  • Windows: ALT + UP/DOWN
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Serato Studio is the perfect choice for those who need a tool that is complex enough to allow for music-making experimentation and post-production editings on a plethora of musical styles and diverse audio patterns.

Create your beats, remixes, and personalized patterns

Making your favorite music can be quite challenging, especially for beginners. Serato Studio is an extra-versatile tool that can easily adapt to any kind of user. When opening the tool, you should select the type of project you want to create: you can start making music from scratch or you can choose from a wide range of templates, categorized by distinct genre.

No matter your experience and level of expertise, you still need a program capable of delivering fast results in a quick, comprehensive, and simplistic manner. The tool has plenty of features that will help you spend less time on technical adaptations and more time on music-making — BPM synchronization, preexisting drum setups and patterns, easy key shifting, a versatile mixing channel, and the smoothly-working sample deck and sequencer.

Plugins and extensive music samples

Serato Studio offers a lot of free resources for all those who need to experiment with different styles and sound effects. As a beat maker, DJ, or sound engineer you can choose from a wide range of sound packages from major high-class producers. There are libraries for different music styles, such as trap, electronic dance music, hip-hop, house, and many others.

The tool also has built-in sound effects and ready-to-use kits for many instruments, special loops, sound samples, and drum kits. Serato Studio supports the following types of plugins: VST (Virtual Studio Technology cross-platform plugins) and AU (Audio Units macOS plugins). For splendid outcomes, the paid version of the program has incorporated a mastering plugin from iZotope that allows for advanced sound editing and polishing.

A free, post-production editing tool for professionals and amateurs

To summarize, Serato Studio is a beat maker and a DJ editing utility that can easily be used by both professionals (sound engineers and producers) and beginners/music-making enthusiasts. The tool works smoothly, looks really good, and is super intuitive for the level of complexity it offers. Above all, the program is free and allows for testing, experimentation, resource grouping for fast retrieval, and easy accessing of sound packs and kits.

For those who are totally new to music-making and audio engineering/sound post-production editing/mastering, Serato Studio offers free learning materials and resources that can be accessed here.

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Serato Studio was reviewed by Alexandra Petrache
  • Free:
  • Use forever
  • Feature set for learning
  • Selected sound packs
  • Subscribe:
  • 2 months free sounds
  • Advanced features
  • All sound packs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 and higher
  • RAM: 4 GB and higher
  • HDD Space: 5 GB and higher
  • Processor: i3 1.07GHz and higher
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Serato Studio 1.6.5

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Windows 10 64 bit
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A simple and reliable piece of software designed to offer you the means to keep your budget under control and keep track of all financial transactions

What's new in Money on Thread 1.6.5:

  • improved the Grid / table view (added Category column & fixing
  • table searching).
  • improved Evolution view (added the months background coloring)
  • improved Categories view (added the All Expenses and All Incomes tabs)
Read the full changelog

Money on Thread is a simple to use personal budget manager that aims to offer you the possibility to record all the changes made in your finances.

User-friendly and simple to use layout

The interface of the application is highly intuitive and features several menus, tabs and buttons that are very easy to understand.

Upon initialization, you are prompted to enter the name of the account which you want to create. Once you have settled that, you can begin to manage and asses the current state of your financial situation. On the right side of the main window, you can access a calendar and right below a calculator.

Keep an eye on your finances using timeline threads

Download budget mac 1.6.5 -

As its name clearly suggests, this application is designed to offer you a simple method of keeping track of income money and day-to-day expenses using threads.

You can record and modify budget activities, namely expenses and incomes according to your finance plan. Also, you can follow up on those transactions in a chronological order, from old ones to the most recently entered transaction.

Each transaction is split in two types: income and expense. Evey transaction can be grouped into a predefined category, such as salary income, personal and household expenses, retail and groceries, transportation, health and education, just to name a few. Besides these built-in categories, you can create your own category from the 'Application Configuration' window.

Download Budget Mac 1 6 5 Download

Access various threads that display your financial balance

The situation of your financial transactions can be analyzed using multiple views that the application comes packed with. Thus, you can have an image of your account's financial evolution by viewing graphs, transaction lists and category reports. Also, you can export reports for each account as CSV files.

An overall reliable personal budgeting software

Download BudgetMac 1.6.5

Money on Thread is a software utility designed mainly for household use and addresses the average user, since professionals might find it less appealing. It is important to mention that during the installation process and all throughout our test, Money on Thread proved to be stable and did not cause sudden crashes or error messages.

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Download BudgetMac 1.6.5Money on Thread was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
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Download Budget Mac 1.6.5 Download

Money on Thread 1.6.5

Download Budget Mac 1 6 5 10

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Download Budget Mac 1 6 5 7

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