Download Darwin Streaming Server For Mac 6.0.3

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This is a quick guide describing how to stream your recordings to mobile devices using 3G technology. It is written for users who have mobile phones or other devices capable of playing video streams of this type as most modern devices can. The phone must be capable of playing a 3GP stream over RTSP, this is pretty standard and can be done on all new Nokia handsets from the last year and probably most other makes.

Mar 18, 2019 Darwin Streaming Server 6.0.3. The Initial commit contains the original source code for Darwin Streaming Server 6.0.3 that can be obtained from Mac OS Forge. Three patches have been applied on top of the original source code. You can diff the commit history to see the changed files. Has anyone had any luck installing Darwin Streaming Server 6.0.3 on OS X 10.11.6? I downloaded the dmg file from the site. But when I install, this error message pops up. I used to run Darwin Streaming Server Version 5.5.5 and ran quite well. In order to be able to take advantage of the new features and stability of the 6.0.3 I tried to compile it in Debian Squeeze. Download Apple Darwin Streaming Server for Mac to open source server for streaming QT data.

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  1. Working MythTV - already making recordings
  2. ffmpeg capable of creating 3GP recordings (see my guide to streaming via flash video)


MythTV makes recordings as usual, a user job is ran against the recording to convert it to 3GP and add extra data required for streaming, 3GP files are streamed using Darwin Streaming Server

Windows Media Streaming Server

This works successfully over both Wifi and 3G. If you are in the UK and on the Three network sign up for the X-Series add-on for 5GBP per month. It gives you 'unlimited' (actually 1 gig) data transfer per month which can be used for streaming TV over 3G to your phone. The settings listed below use approximately 44megs per hour of viewing and video plays smoothly over their 3G network.

Tested on

Server: Gentoo box running kernel 2.6.12 with MythTV 0.20 and Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.3.Nokia N80 streaming videos over Wifi and viewing on RealPlayer (comes with phone)

Video playback is of excellent quality with no pauses for buffering.


Setup Darwin Streaming Server

Darwin streaming server is an open source streaming media server made by the good guys at Apple. Darwin Streaming Server is now very easy to install. full instructions are included with the application. Darwin streaming server is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Solaris.

1. Download the source code tarball from:

2. Create Group qtss 3. Create user qtss 4. cd into Darwin source dir: 5. 6.0.3 won't compile on linux without patch. Download it from and apply it

If you're running on a 64-bit install, download and apply this patch at too.

6. Compile DSS 7. Inside the source directory cd in to DarwinStreamingSrvr-Linux 8. Install DSS

Check the installation by opening http://localhost:1220 in a web browser to confirm that the server is up and running.

When configuring the server make sure you add a shared directory and note this down, this is where your 3GP files for streaming will be stored. I use /video, the same directory as my main mythtv recordings.

Setup MP4Box

To ensure that media is streamed correctly 'hints' have to be added to help with timing and sync. To make your 3GP files MPEG4 compliant and to add RTSP hints you need to use a program called MP4Box, available for download as part of the GPAC framework here:

Install this somewhere in your path as per the readme included with the file.


Alternatively if you using gentoo simply type


Add user job in mythtv

Video Streaming Server Software

Next you need to create the script which will be ran as a user job in mythtv. The following is an example:


Save this to /usr/local/bin/

Set the out variable to wherever your Darwin Streaming Server is configured to share. This encodes video at a resolution of 352x288, bitrate 400, 20 frames per second.

Next you need to setup the user job in mythtv. Run mythtv-setup and go to the General Settings section. Under user jobs find a spare job and give it a name of something appropriate (eg. Myth3GP) and the following command:

Set this job to run for all recordings you want to convert and share. On my Athlon 2800 box it takes 11 mins to convert and share a 30min recording.

Darwin Streaming Server For Windows

Create web page linking to shows

Download Darwin Streaming Server For Mac 6.0.3 Pro

Finally you need a web page to link to your recordings. The following PHP script will work nicely, set the directory and hostname parameters as appropriate.


To Do

Expire 3GP files with normal recordings.

Download Darwin Streaming Server For Mac 6.0.3 Full

Please see the discussion section for proposed script that works for me. -- UKDude

Uninstall Darwin Streaming Server

If for any reason you decide you don't want or need the Darwin Streaming Server anymore, you can try the following script, but please make note of the following facts:

Download Darwin Streaming Server For Mac 6.0.3 Free

  • This script is a hacked up version of the install script for Darwin Streaming Server v6.0.3 (current as of Jan 5th, 2009). Using it to uninstall newer versions is NOT recommended.
  • This script has only been tested on Mythbuntu 8.10. Check that the paths, file names and programs used in this script are valid for your distribution of Linux.

Download Darwin Streaming Server For Mac 6.0.3 Crack

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