Download Disk Sensei For Mac 1.6.3

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
Let's see: I left a review on 7/20/20 noting that there were 35 other similar 'cleaner' apps in addition to Sensei, and that no one who knows Macs recommends of any of them. Fast forward six months or so and much has changed: there are now 75 (yep, that's SEVENTY-FIVE) cleaner apps on MacUpdate that no one recommends. I find the review by 'ahmedhatata-ah' on 8/12/20 both amusing and truthful, when he writes, 'similar Mac utilities all suck.' If Sensei is a 'similar Mac utility' it must suck too -- right? (Or am I missing something subtle here?) No matter. The developer, Oskar Groth of Sweden, looks to be a nice chap. I really hope he can turn his talents to something more useful than Sensei. It has to be hard to be in competition with 75 other 'me too' products that no Mac user needs. For example, while the 'Dashboard' in Sensei looks pretty, the information it contains is readily available either in the System Information or Activity Monitor apps. What's the point? As a courtesy to Mr Groth (assuming he's a real guy -- you never know about these things, and who trusts a website these days?) I'm going to give 3 stars here. It's not 3 stars for Sensei. It's three stars given in the hope that he can come up with a more useful app in the future, to which I can gladly award 5 stars. I look forward to seeing it, sir. -SB
Download Disk Sensei For Mac 1.6.3
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Download Disk Sensei For Mac

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