Download Displays For Mac 1.9.10

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AltOS is the name of Keith's firmware 'operating system' forAltus Metrum products.

In addition to the firmware for hardware products likeTeleMetrum, TeleMini, andTeleDongle, the AltOS source tree alsoincludes AltosUI, which provides for flight monitoring, post-flightanalysis, device configuration and firmware updating. AltosUI runs onLinux, Mac OS X and Windows. It's written in Javaand offers the same functionality and interface on all threeplatforms. A small platform-specific library communicates with the USBinterface on the Altus Metrum devices.

There are also Linux-specific tools that provide lower level access tothe devices which are useful for developing firmware for the devices.

We maintain a list of launch site GPS coordinates. If your favorite launch site isn't included, please let us know!

Available Versions

There is a single manual for most Altus Metrum products, which is availablein html and pdf formats.

We also have an AltOS internals document for programmersin html and pdf formats, and adocument describing the AltOS over the radio protocolin html and pdf formats.

If you're running Windows 8, you should take a look at Installing AltosUI onWindows 8 which will help you install the operating systemdrivers needed to communicate with the USB hardware.

If you're running a recent version of Mac OS X, you'll probably needto read Installing AltosUI on Mac OS X. This describes howto get rid of the the 'App is damaged' messages and run the program.

Each available download includes AltosUI, documentation, and firmware updatesfor all current products.

Release Notes for Version 1.9.10

Download Displays For Mac 1.9.10

This release contains a couple of bug fixes for ground station software.


  • Rework the windows DLL build to make AltosUI run on moreinstances of Windows 10.


  • Adapt to Android security changes which prevent AltosDroidfrom storing flights in/storage/emulated/0/AltusMetrum. Now, flights are stored in/storage/emulated/0/media/org.altusmetrum.AltosDroid/AltusMetruminstead. Also, AltosDroid will display an error message ifflight data cannot be logged.

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.9

This release contains a critical bug fix for a problemintroduced in version 1.9.8 for TeleMega and EasyMegaboards. This problem occurs when using the storedconfiguration from 1.9.7 or earlier.

If you are running 1.9.8 or are upgrading from 1.9.8 on anyversion of TeleMega or EasyMega, you must reconfigure all pyrochannels, recalibrate accelerometers, reset the APRS interval,adjust the beep tone and reset the pyro time.


  • Fix EasyMega and TeleMega upgrade process from 1.9.7 orearlier. 1.9.8 introduced larger delay values, whichrequired modifying the configuration in-place, and the 1.9.8version had a flaw which broke the pyro channel config andall of the config values beyond that in memory, includingAPRS interval, IMU accel calibation, beep tone and pyrotime.

  • Fix TeleMega v5.0 mag sensor driver. This driver was quitebroken due to developing it in the presence of the magneticbeeper on the board. Because of that beeper, the values thissensor records are not accurate. Fortunately, they are notused for controlling the flight.


  • Parse TeleMega v5.0 log files. A missing check in the codemeant that the TeleMega v5.0 log files would cause an errorwhen attempting to load them. Logs saved with AltosUI1.9.8 were not affected, only the presentation of the datawas broken.

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.8


  • Add support for TeleMega v5.0

  • Extend extra pyro channel times to support delay > 327 seconds


  • Support ARM devices in Linux binary release

  • Add support for TeleMega v5.0


  • Show tilt angle in pad and flight tabs

  • Show altitude as well as height (useful for TeleGPS)

  • Support devices without GPS receivers

MicroPeak GUI

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.7


  • Fix TeleGPS logging so that new data are appended to an existing log correctly


  • Support Mac OS X 11 (Big Sur)

  • Support Monitor Idle on Easy Timer

  • Fix TeleMega v4.0 and TeleMetrum v3.0 configuration in Antenna Down mode

  • Show launch sites in Load Maps view

  • Add IMU header names to CSV files

  • Clean up TeleGPS log corruption due to firmware bugs during firmware update


  • Support older devices back to Android version 5.1

  • Fix a number of issues that could result in app crashes

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.6


  • Fix EasyTimer bug where it might mis-detect boost (eitherdetect it early or not at all) due to small errors inaccelerometer calibration leading to large accumulated errorin speed.

  • Adjust self-test of new 9-axis IMU (BMX-160) so that itdoesn’t think the part has a failure when tested sittinghorizontally.

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.5


  • Add Booster mode for all dual-deploy altimeters. Select'Separation & Apogee' mode in AltosUI to fire the 'main'channel at first motor burnout and the 'apogee' channel atapogee.

  • Improve reliability of stm32l firmware under heavyload. This was found using Monitor Idle on TeleMega with allflash slots full of data which would occasionally lock up.

  • Fix orientation label in AltosUI for devices withradios. This makes the orientation say 'Antenna up' and'Antenna Down' for TeleMetrum and TeleMega again.

  • Fix log data for pyro channels which were inhibited (oftenbecause of a tilt limit). They used to report 'fired' assoon as they were inhibited, which was misleading. Now theynever report as having been fired.

  • Allow Igniter Test to fire each igniter more than once.


  • Improve performance of Monitor Idle mode by sending less data for eachupdate.

  • Improve Mac OS X install scripts so that they work onCatalina. This involves sending the user to get Java fromthe AdoptOpenJDK project which provides a version that workswith Java applications.

  • Make larger dialogs scrollable for use on smaller screens.

  • Fix troubles re-flashing EasyMega boards running olderfirmware.

  • Add TeleMetrum v3.0 firmware to the WindowsAltosUI packages.

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.4


  • Fixed firmware for TeleDongle v3.0 and TeleBT v4.0. Version 1.9.3 bricked thosedevices requiring them to be opened up to get them working again.

  • Fixed firmware for EasyMini v1.0. Changes in the storagecode caused it to use significantly more RAM which made theinterrupt stack smash into other data structures and causethe device to panic at startup time.


Download Displays For Mac 1.9.10 Crack

  • Add TeleMetrum v3.0 firmware to the Linux and Mac OSXAltosUI packages.

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.3


  • Add APRS offset. Allows multiple APRS transmitters to coordinate whentransmission occurs to allow them to share a frequency.

  • Fix max log size. Flight computer storage is erased in 64kB chunks. Adjust maxlog size to be a multiple of this size.

  • Check flight erasing more carefully. Handle interrupting erasing in themiddle.

  • Add EasyTimer support.

AltosUI, TeleGPS, MicroPeak

  • Add configuration support for APRS offset.

  • Adjust flight log sizes to be a multiple of the flightcomputer erase block size.

  • Report barometric pad altitude in Pad tab for TeleMini.

  • Available Files:

Release Notes for Version 1.9.2


  • Add support for TeleMega v4.0

  • Fix time wrapping issue with TeleLCO and TeleFire

AltosUI, TeleGPS, MicroPeak

  • Add column in AltosUI for IMU data from TeleMega and EasyMega


  • Allow sorting of trackers by call, serial, frequency or age

  • Offer selection of font sizes

  • Various bug fixes for older Android versions

  • Available Files:

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Release Notes for Version 1.9.1


  • Add support for TeleMetrum v3.0

  • Fix accel cal value when changing EasyMega v2.0 pad orientation

  • Correct EasyMega v2.0 magnetometer data axes

  • Fix EasyMega v2.0 idle monitor display of IMU data

  • Report all sensor failures at power-up time.

AltosUI, TeleGPS, MicroPeak

  • Display error message when attempting to graph unknown format file.

  • Make it possible to disable APRS once enabled.

  • Display some data for point near cursor in map tab.

  • Support upgrading devices from pre-1.8 firmware

  • Wait for Windows to prepare new devices during firmwareupgrade. This should avoid the “COMxx: open failed” message.

  • Available Files:

Os X 10.9 Download Free

Note that older versions are still available if you really needthem for some reason.

Source Code

The latest source, which may include unreleased work in progress, is alwaysavailable from git.gag.comin the project fw/altos.

We've gathered a few notes on buidling AltOS.

Future Plans

Bug reports, feature requests, and planning for AltOS releases happenson the Altus Metrum Trac Site.

A number of features are implemented or in process in the sources availablein our publicly visible repository that are not part of the current stablerelease.

  • Motor characterization. Because TeleMetrum contains ahigh-resolution, high-frequency accelerometer, it is possible totake the data from that and compute an accurate thrust curve forthe motor.

  • Comprehensive PDF and/or HTML -based flight report. Construct acomplete report of the flight suitable for publication on the webthat includes graphs of the flight and details about motorperformance etc.

  • Publish flight data to the Altus Metrum web site. This will allowyou to share your flight data with others, and let you downloadflights published by others.

There are any number of additions that could be made to this list; feel freeto send along ideas that you’ve got. Of course, all of this software islicensed under the GNU General Public License, so you can get the source andhack on it in the comfort of your own home.

Platform Specific Notes


If you use Debian, you can simply install the 'altos'package from any Debian mirror, like so:

If you use some other distribution of Linux, thena Linux package of our second-generation Java bits thatshould run on any distribution with a modern Java version is alsoavailable. Unlike the Debian pacakge, which depends on various librariesalready part of the Debian distribution, this package includes a 'fat' jarfile with all of the Java libraries that aren't part of the basic Java runtimeenvironment included, so it should 'just work' on any system withJava 6. Development and testing is done with OpenJDK 6, but currentdownloads from should be fine too.

If you'd rather build from source, our source tree includes documentation onhow to build packages for variousLinux systems such as Arch Linux, and thedebian/ directory contains all the controlfiles for building the Debian packages on other architectures or derivativessuch as Ubuntu.

Bdale has also created a theme forGDM that he uses on his primary notebook,and theSimple Login Manager that he uses on all of hisother machines and which is ideally suited for machines dedicated to AltOSground station use. It includes a photo of a drag-race betweennearly-identical rocketsbuilt by Keith and Bdale, that was the first time either of us gave TeleMetrumcomplete control of a rocket flight without some other backup! See the themes/directory in the source tree (the themes are included in the Debian package).


A Mac OS X package that is compatible with versions 10.5 'Leopard' andlater. The Mac operating system includes Java, and all Altus Metrum productsshow up as simple USB serial ports, so this should just work with noadditional drivers or other dependency issues. Older versions of the Macoperatingsystem, and even newer versions for PowerPC-based machines, come withJava version 5 or older, which is too old for use with Altus Metrumsoftware. We know of no way to update the Java version other thanupgrading to a newer operating system (for Intel based macs) orpurchasing new hardware (for PowerPC based macs).

If you have trouble installing on a Mac, and are getting errors about thepackage being corrupt, you may not be configured to allow installation ofsoftware from arbitrary sources. One customer running 10.8.1 reported thathe was able to work around this by going to 'System Preferences', 'Security& Privacy', 'General', and then clicking the 'Anywhere' radio button whereit askes 'Allow applications downloaded from:'.


Our Windows package is known to work on at least some flavors of XP, Vista, andWindows 7 Enterprise. If you don't already have Java installed,download and install a current Java 6 version from java.comfirst. Then download our installer and run it. Windows already hasthe required USB serial device driver, and our package should do the rightthings to bind it to our devices, but if you get a complaint about the devicebeing unrecognized, try pointing to the copy of the telemetrum.inf fileincluded in the package directory manually.

Note that on some Windows 7 systems, it may be necessary to install AltOS using'compatibility mode'. You can set this mode bychanging the propertiesof the installer .exe.


The firmware and associated software are licensed GPL version2

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