Download Fill The Gap For Mac 1.1

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

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Download Fill The Gap For Mac 1.1 Download

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A lightweight mod consisting of a hole filler.

Place it and walk away. Your hole will be filled in.



  • Either place a 'Hole Filler Block' or throw a 'Throwable Hole Filler'.
  • If a hole is detected, it will begin to be filled with 'Curing Blocks'.
  • After 15 seconds, 'Curing Blocks' will turn to dirt.
  • If you wish to empty your now-filled-hole, break any 'Curing Block' before it turns to dirt.


  • Max hole diameter is set to 12 by default.
  • Max hole area is 1000 blocks.


If the Hole Filler Block is more than 6 (half of the Max Hole Diameter) blocks away from an another block, it is considered not in a hole.

Download Fill The Gap For Mac 1.1 -

Otherwise it would consume the world.



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Download Fill The Gap For Mac 1.1


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