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LilyPond 2.22.1-1 / 2.23.4-1 Development Transform notes written as text into musical scales, in an interactive manner, with the help of th. Oct 30th 2021, 14:25 GMT. Jul 03, 2021 Free download GuitarNotesFinder GuitarNotesFinder for Mac OS X. GuitarNotesFinder - Learn or improve the sight reading of the notes in any notations, on the 6-string guitar fretboard using the app just a few minutes each day. Download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB GuitarNotesFinder 1.2 Mac OS X download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account. Download Old Versions of Apple Safari: 14.1.2 - 14.0.1 - 13.1.2 - 6.1.6 - 4.0.5 - 4.1.3. If you experience any compatibility issues with Apple Safari for Mac, consider downloading one of the older versions of Apple Safari.MacUpdate stores previous versions of Apple Safari for you since v.4.1.3.


Important Notice from FlightGear developers

This is a download page for FlightGear Mac OS X, a free / open-source flight simulator.

We have heard that there are some paid products that use FlightGear, and their web site or a starting box seems leading you to this site for either downloading the binary or support. It's totally up to you for paying some amount of money for software and scenery that you can get for free. However, we have never received any donation or single penny on your payment for such paid product. Therefore we have no responsibility for providing any support for such products.

Generally speaking, it is better to get FlightGear for free and buy a good flight stick and/or a pedal. Needless to say, donation to FlightGear is very welcome :-) If you already paid for such product and feel very disappointed by knowing FlightGear is available for free, we recommend you ask the seller (not us) for refund. See the official statement for more detail on this issue.

Latest-release (2.6.0 - Feb-18-2012)

  • FlightGear-2.6.0 - runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later - Intel Only.


If you have any problem in downloading FlightGear, try downloading it from the following site:

  • Sourceforge FlightGear Mac OS X download page.

Clicking FlightGear-2.6.0-r319.dmg will start downloading it.

Development snapshot (Latest snapshot pulled from git) - - Jun-02-2011

Download Guitar Notes Finder For Mac 1.2 Full


This release is a snapshot of the latest FlightGear source (git version), and it might have some major bugs. Thus, this release is NOT totally recommended for novice users. NEVER send me complaints on this release. However, constructive feedbacks and bug reports from developers and advanced users are very welcome. Consult ReadMe file included in the dmg package for known issues.

Source Package

  • FlightGear-git - XcodeProjects - for advanced developers only

Keyboard configuration file (for v1.0)

I've heard that some Macs cannot handle throttle keys or some others properly. Thanks to Aj MacLeod, we can use the fixed keyboard.xml, which might enable some Mac to properly handle throttles, etc.See the link below to download the revised keyboard.xml file at the 'Attached files' section. Read the explanation at the tracker info for installation instruction.

Older versions

2.4.0 - Aug-17-2011

  • FlightGear-2.4.0 - runs on Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, and 10.5, intel and ppc

fgcom fix for Mac OS X 10.5 users

fgcom in 2.4.0 release package does not work on OS X 10.5 since a part of it is built for OS X 10.6 or later.This causes the simulator running on OS X 1.5 unexpected exit when fgcom is enabled.To fix this, you can download and install this fgcom.Installation procedure is 1) Select advanced features >> Others >> Install Add Ons, 2) Select the downloaded fgcom.

2.0.0 - Mar-18-2010

  • FlightGear-2.0.0-r288-LionOnly.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.7. If you have Mac OS 10.6 or earlier, install the package below.
  • FlightGear-2.0.0-r284.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.4 or later (works on 10.6 as well)

1.9.1-r232 - Sep-06-2009

  • FlightGear-1.9.1-r232.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.4 or later (works on 10.6 as well)

1.9.0 - Dec-22-2008

1.0.0 - Jan-16-2008

0.9.10 - Dec-15-2006

Older updaters


  • FlightGear-1.0.0-r154-launcher.dmg - Mac OS 10.4/10.5; PPC/Intel


Download Guitarnotesfinder For Mac 1.2 Free

  • FlightGear-0.9.10-r114-launcher.dmg
    • This package upgrades the launcher part of FlightGear Mac OS X to the latest one.
Download GuitarNotesFinder For Mac 1.2

Download Guitarnotesfinder For Mac 1.2 Download

You can also download Older versions from sourceforge download page. FYI, 0.9.8 runs on Mac OS 10.3.9.

Download Guitar Notes Finder For Mac 1.2 Torrent

Testimonies From Guitar Players Around The World

'The layout and content of this application cannot be over-praised! Unbelievably thorough reference for anything you want to learn about guitar chords and notation, including complete support for traditional and non-traditional scales. It's completely intuitive and a just a joy to use. The team that created this application should (virtually) stand up and take a bow! If we don't have a million more great guitar players in the coming years, it will not be because this app didn't exist. TRY IT!' Bill McNichols

'I for one have been playing guitar for 58 years till now every coarse I ever did could not explain as simple as this it is by far the the best tutorer someone like me could under stand and appreciate to the builder of this software well done indeed.' Rima Hemi

'Very nice application and useful tool for guitarists. Nice layout and design. Easy interface for navigating. Very nice for a free application. I saw no reference that it was merely a trial version, so I would be very disappointed if at some point it stops working and I need to pay. I don't mind paying for things if the developers are up front with things and say it's a trial.' David Goguen

Download Guitarnotesfinder For Mac 1.2 Full

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