Download PamFax For Mac 4.2.1

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

PamFax is a one of the best online fax service. It is the easiest way to fax worldwide at attractive rates. The advantages of using a PamFax are that it has no minimum monthly purchase, no advertising, no hidden costs and no cost for fax reception.

Download PamFax 4.2.1 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Mar 05, 2010 PamFax has it all: simple to use and fully integrated with Skype, Mac Dock, and more. User friendly wizard makes sending a fax a breeze via easy to use fax software, over 100 file types supported. As you can see, Apple released iOS 4.2.1 – which is the same GM build seeded to developers last week. Update #2 – Official changelogs: iOS 4.2 Software Update for iPad. This update contains over 100 new features for iPad including support for multitasking, folders, unified mail inbox, Game Center, AirPrint, AirPlay, and many system. PamFax allows you to send and receive faxes without phone lines and fax machines. Try it for free right now.


The PamFax fax service is widely used to send and receive online faxes all across the world. However before using PamFax, the users must know that it is not just an email based fax service but it has a website interface for sending and receiving faxes.

How to Login And Work With PamFax?

The PamFax gives freeonline fax software that is used for faxing. The software must be downloaded from the website and installed at the beginning before using PamFax fax service. After the installation is done, one should sign up to the PamFax. No credit card is required and no charges are deducted for this. Initially, after signing up, a user can do Pamfax login and then send up to three free online faxes. The software is supported by Windows (7, 8. 8.1), Linux, Android and Mac OS X. It can also be downloaded for Facebook, Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Amazon Kindle.

PamFax Advantages And Security

The advantages of using PamFax services is that a free fax number is provided and faxes can be sent directly from Outlook 2007/2010.The fax transmission system is also simple and hassle free. Furthermore, there are no elaborate and gaudy advertisements on display that can make the fax look professional. It is one of the secure fax service in the industry. Your fax will only be seen you and recipient.

Download PamFax For Mac 4.2.1

The receiving of free online fax is free and no extra charges are there. Again, sending faxes from PamFax to PamFax is also free of charges. This is a special advantage. Moreover, it provides the users with an instant alert that can help one to ascertain the status of the fax sent or received. This is of special benefit, as it provides the users an additional liberty of having an inbox, where they can check and delete all the history faxes. PamFax can also be integrated with the various social networking sites and can be used with ease. One can also use PamFax with Skype, depending on the individual’s choice and preferences.

Different plans with PamFax

There are a plethora of plans from which they can choose, depending upon their budget and other requirements. They are enlisted briefly-

1. On demand Plan- This plan does not involve monthly subscription fees, as it is a pay per page plan. The cost of sending an online fax per page is $0.09.

2. Professional Plan- In this plan there is a monthly subscription fee. The rate is $5.95 with a facility of sending twenty free online faxes. After 20 pages are already sent, the amount changes, as $0.06 is charged for per page.

3. Basic Plan- This plan comes with a monthly subscription offer of $3.95 and gives the user no free pages. After subscribing to this plan, the cost per page is $0.09.

Download PamFax For Mac 4.2.1 Free

The PamFax free online fax service provides attractive rates that are determined after looking into the necessary details of each user. With a host of features, surely PamFax is what you are looking for!