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A simple project to test the capture the audio from two microphones at the same time using different audio devices. Platform: Windows, Android. Plugin Version: 3.00. Engine Version: 4.24+. Download Dual Input UE4 Project. Download Desktop Version Software. Desktop Sudoku v.1.1 The desktop version of the world's fastest growing puzzle game, now supports the all new Killer Sudoku, a fascinating varient which you may find more addictive! Desktop Sudoku comes with over 20,000 puzzles, so the fun never stops. (Mac版IE 5.2.3) 不適用 2003年停止开发;Mac OS X版Internet Explorer 5以上 Trident: 7.0(IE 11) 不適用 Internet Explorer与其他Internet Explorer shell如Maxthon(仅限Microsoft Windows 操作系统)、Windows Phone 8: WebKit: 534.20 每日构建. Pitch Windows 10 downloads - Free Pitch download for Windows 10 - Windows 10 Download - Free Windows 10 Download.

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Released: February 09, 2012 Added: February 09, 2012 Visits: 294

Check your aptitude for learning languages, and share the results with your friends. ? This app tests your ability for learning new languages by testing how well you learn words and sentences in made up languages. ? First you learn words and sentences in new made up languages, then the app...

2013 Platforms: iOS
License: FreewareSize: 10.8 MBDownload (25): Language Learning Aptitude Test Download

Released: April 01, 2014 Added: April 01, 2014 Visits: 188

New Features : 1. Timer added for each quiz 2. Increased set of questions on request of many users :) This is an app to test your aptitude.You can use it to prepare for any of your job aptitude test or other entrance test. Explaination of each answer is also provided. The aim of the application...

Platforms: Windows Phone
License: FreewareSize: 1024 KBDownload (14): Aptitude Quiz Download

Released: March 04, 2011 Added: March 04, 2011 Visits: 182

Qwirk is the fun way to build up your vocabulary for any college entrance exam, like the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) or National Merit Scholarship Test (NMSQT). Unlike flash card apps, which are *yawn* boring, Qwirk challenges you with word puzzles, getting progressively more...
Platforms: iOS

License: SharewareCost: $0.99 USDSize: 1.3 MBDownload (15): Qwirk PSAT Edition Download

Released: November 21, 2016 Added: November 27, 2016 Visits: 4.720

Tests are ideal for quick assessment of your students' knowledge. Whenever you need to find out how your students are making it though their course or just want to spend 5 minutes to create a quick 10-question professional aptitude test for newcomers to your department, you will definitely need...
Platforms: Windows, Windows 7, Windows Server

License: SharewareCost: $25.00 USDSize: 4.13 MBDownload (228): easyQuizzy Download

Added: May 19, 2006 Visits: 3.120

RocketReader Vocab is a vocabulary builder that allows you to learn a broad range of powerful words. It includes 47 lessons, 37 of which are available in the 14-day trial version. The lessons cover a variety of topics from the boardroom talk to exotic clothing items. Powerful unlimited vocabulary...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $69.00 USDSize: 7.68 MBDownload (99): RocketReader Vocab American Edition Download

Released: May 05, 2014 Added: May 05, 2014 Visits: 238

This Guide focuses on getting Sims enrolled at the University and what you can do to make their college lifestyle better. When you start a new game with University Life, a mascot from the college will arrive on the first morning and leave a welcome kit. This kit gives you the ability to take the...
Platforms: Windows Phone

License: FreewareSize: 6 MBDownload (13): Guide for The Sims 3 University Download

Added: January 08, 2006 Visits: 6.929

Web page test automation tool. Fully written in Javascript and HTML set of tools, that fully simulate user walking through your pages. Allows you to set form fields, Verify value, position and related html source for specified text, handle alert and confirms, test new browser windows opened from...
Platforms: Windows, Windows CE

License: FreewareSize: 13 KBDownload (549): Web page test automation toolkit Download

Released: May 23, 2012 Added: June 23, 2012 Visits: 3.050

Test constructor is a universal program for testing knowledge. The program can be used to perform testing both at home and various educational institutions. The program allows using an unlimited number of topics, questions and answers. Test constructor supports five types of questions, which...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $29.95 USDSize: 8.45 MBDownload (151): Test Constructor Download

Released: January 10, 2003 Added: August 01, 2006 Visits: 6.345

It has never been easier to be a teacher and create and grade tests as it is now with Markosoft's Test Creator and Test Taker applications. With the Test Creator, you can effortlessly build tests that include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions and the tests can either...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $45.00 USDSize: 1.26 MBDownload (212): Test Creator Download

Released: January 10, 2003 Added: January 07, 2006 Visits: 2.556

Achieving a degree of any kind can be an arduous task, and preparing for the numerous tests that occur along the way is one of the unpleasantries of higher education. Markosoft's Test Prep application was designed by one of our in-house consultants to make studying for a test a walk in the park....
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $10.00 USDSize: 665 KBDownload (110): Test Prep Download

Released: January 01, 2006 Added: February 01, 2006 Visits: 3.022

Test Generator (TG) enables users to create, deliver and administer tests over a single desktop, network, Intranet or Internet. User applications include the creation and delivery of tests, quizzes, exams, assessments, surveys and questionnaires. Audience: trainers, educators,...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $79.00 USDSize: 15.3 MBDownload (265): Test Generator II 2.2.68 Download

Released: November 08, 2006 Added: November 26, 2006 Visits: 2.792

BugTimer is a timer application that records, displays, saves, sorts, and prints Performance Test Results.
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $29.99 USDSize: 1.62 MBDownload (123): BugTimer Performance Test Manager Download

Released: September 18, 2007 Added: October 28, 2007 Visits: 5.169

Bandwidth Speed Testing at its greatest. Most products only monitor your traffic across your network cards, of' course Speed Test will also, however our product will also download a file from our server at a given time interval in order to test your maximum capability of your Internet connection....
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $49.95 USDSize: 3.91 MBDownload (361): Speed Test Standard Download

Released: February 20, 2008 Added: February 28, 2008 Visits: 2.546

Does the quality of your code matter? If it does, then you simply have to try the NUnit Test Generator. The NUnit Test Generator works with NUnit to make your life easier. It not only creates the stubs for the tests, it extracts the the documentation you've already written for your properties and...
Platforms: Windows

License: CommercialCost: $9.97 USDSize: 1.41 MBDownload (113): NUnit Test Generator Download

Grid Test November

Released: April 22, 2008 Added: May 31, 2008 Visits: 2.739

Test Generator (TG) enables users to create, deliver and administer tests and surveys over a single desktop, network, Intranet or Internet. User applications include the creation and delivery of tests, quizzes, exams, assessments, surveys and questionnaires. Audience: trainers, educators,...
Platforms: Windows

License: DemoCost: $79.00 USDSize: 15.3 MBDownload (174): Test Generator Download

Released: March 15, 2008 Added: September 08, 2008 Visits: 5.747

PingTester is a visual network test tools, it can stores a list of IP addresses / URL and network test commands to increase the working efficiency, perform ping test by 1 click, 'ping sweep' subnets or interval ping all the hosts on a list continuously, save the individual ping records to a txt...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $35.00 USDSize: 830.08 KBDownload (876): Ping Test Tool Download

Released: November 15, 2007 Added: March 09, 2009 Visits: 4.441

A handy, powerful, visual ping test utility and IP scanner for system administrator to check network connection. PingEasy is a graphical ping utility lets you easy to watch the states of network and test the connection speeds of various locations. It can save IP addresses and hosts name,...
Platforms: Windows, Windows Vista

License: SharewareCost: $0.00 USDSize: 390.62 KBDownload (660): Ping Test Free Download

Released: May 25, 2009 Added: July 13, 2009 Visits: 2.392

Zeta Test is an integrated test management environment that enables you to perform black-box tests, white-box tests, regression tests or change management tests of software applications. Zeta Test helps you to plan, perform, log, monitor and document the tests, and then to evaluate the test...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 61.14 MBDownload (185): Zeta Test Download

Released: September 13, 2009 Added: September 24, 2009 Visits: 1.888

D-test is a powerful test tool for helping you to adjust correctly your monitor main settings. Features: - resolution test card from 640x480 to 2560x2048; custom resolution included - adjustable collinearity grid - various color tests (RGB, CMYK, Spectrum, Gradient, custom color etc.) -...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $15.00 USDSize: 77.39 KBDownload (245): D-test (Display test) Download

Power Grid Test

Added: January 18, 2010 Visits: 1.217

Electrical Grid Test

Test::Smoke::Patcher is a OO interface to help patching the source-tree. SYNOPSIS use Test::Smoke::Patcher; my $patcher = Test::Smoke::Patcher->new( single => { ddir => $build_dir, pfile => $patch, popts => -p1, v => 1, # 0..2 }); $patcher->patch; or my $patcher =...
Platforms: *nix

License: FreewareSize: 153.6 KBDownload (89): Test::Smoke::Patcher Download

Power Grid Test November 2013

QREncoder is a universal product which allows you to create your own and unique QR code. For those who have not met this collocation before, QR codes (where QR stands for Quick Response) are the same as the normal barcodes but only better. They are 360-degree-readable, able to carry any kind of data and instead of straight black-and-white lines they use black-and-white squares in grid pattern. Scanning and deciphering such codes requires only a phone with a camera and simple decoding software. In the recent years QR codes have become one of the most preferred marketing tools. Imagine the following situation: you are passing by a billboard and are impressed by the poster of an upcoming movie. Understandably you want to see the trailer, but it is rather inconvenient to search for a video while walking. This is where our QREncoder comes on the stage. The movie makers could simply input the URL of the trailer and the application will generates the corresponding QR code. All that you have to do, while passing by the billboard, is point your camera at the checked black-and-white square and automatically be redirected to the video in seconds.