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Posted : admin On 1/24/2022
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Download Plum Record for Mac 1.0.1 crack

Fixes docker/for-mac#5834. Docker Desktop 4.1.1. Download Docker Desktop. Mac with Intel chip Mac with Apple chip. Bug fixes and minor changes. When upgrading from 4.1.0, the Docker menu does not change to Update and restart so you can just wait for the download to complete (icon changes) and then select Restart. This bug is fixed.

Version:1.1.1Latest:5/20/19Requires:Mac 10.8-11.4

PhotoShrinkr – Mac App Optimizes Highest Quality Photos to Smallest Size

PhotoShrinkr optimizes the compression of .jpg format in ways that Photoshop and other apps do not. Great for photographers with thousands of images. PhotoShrinkr is incredibly fast, saves space and saves time. Download the app to try it out free. PhotoShrinkr gives 5 free uses per day.

Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1 Version

Wonderfully handy for a photographer to have in his quiver of tools. – Andy H.

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Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1 Software

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PhotoShrinkr is an application to dramatically shrink photo size while maintaining the finest visual quality. PhotoShrinkr optimizes the compression of .jpg format in ways that Photoshop and other apps do not. Dramatically reduce the size of photos and keep the visual quality. Download the app to try it out free. PhotoShrinkr gives 5 free uses per day.

“Your compression is very close to magic for the JPG files that come out of my Nikon.” – Mark S.

We worked months pondering the details of jpg compression and creating algorithms to reduce the size dramatically while maintaining the highest visual quality.

    Great for photographers with tens or hundreds of thousands of images. Great for webmasters who want their sites to load fast. Reducing image size decreases load time of a site. Faster load time means more and happier users. It also decreases the load on the server and number of bytes transferred.Great for developers who often have to post hundreds of screenshots of user interface in descriptions and manuals.Great for companies that want to increase efficiancy and reduce costs.

PhotoShrinkr is incredibly fast, saves space and saves time. Compresses .png files and can convert photos to .heif format too.

The interface clearly displays the quality and compression, Before (the original) and After (compressed with PhotoShrinkr). Compare PhotoShrinkr’s algorithms and user interface to other methods and other apps yourself.

Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1 Pc

Below is a comparison of 6 meg PNG file that was shrunk to 288 K a 96% reduction in the size of that screenshot.

The actual files are displayed. Try dragging the slider to see if you see any difference in visual quality between before & after.

Download it free, try it on your photos, jpg’s and png’s and see what it can accomplish for you. Compare it to what you are already using to shrink your photos and screenshots.

  • - added notarization. a new apple security feature.
  • 1.12019-05-18
  • - pref added to save created, modified and opened date.
  • 1.0.52018-11-11Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1

    Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1 Free

  • - internal adjustments.
  • 1.0.42018-10-25
  • - updates and improvements for mojave
  • 1.0.32018-09-03
  • - more changes to the UI
    - some dialogs altered
    - misc improvements
  • 1.0.22018-08-14
  • - increase transparency and size of 'create with photoshrinkr watermark'
  • 1.0.12018-08-07
  • - added heif conversion
  • 1.02018-07-31Plum
  • - added check for updates
    - added zip files
    - improved speed
    - before / after comparison dialed in better
    - any photo added get's selected automatically in ui
    - many improvements in ui
  • 1.0b32015-07-11
  • - Now updated the right hand display when last item is processed.
    - Adjust font in About box.
    - Fix bug when adding new item while processing it sometime crashes.
    - Now show progress indicator when selecting new item while generating previews
    - Turn off auto selection when adding items to improve performance
    - Did some more optimisations.
    - remove some log message unless Debug is enabled.
    - Fixed warning about CoreAnimation: warning, deleted thread with uncommitted CATransaction
    - changed to timing code to use 100th of sec resolution.
    - now copied src image if size of optimised image is great
    - Change image loading to do background loading so UI is more effective. Issue:
    - copy src image when small
    - does not remove meta data or color profile.
  • 1.0b1

    Download Plum Record For Mac 1.0.1 Torrent

  • - Close to first release.
  • 0.92015-04-17
  • - Close to first release.
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