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Posted : admin On 1/24/2022

Download Time Sink for Mac to track your activities while you work on your Mac. So you can find the optimal balance between accuracy and power-efficiency. What's new in version 2.1.

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EtreCheck will help you:

  • Find serious problems on your Mac,
  • Remove annoying adware,
  • Get help on Apple Support Communities,
  • See just what your Mac is doing on the inside.


  • EtreCheck does not install files in hidden directories,
  • EtreCheck reports protect your personal information when posted online,
  • EtreCheck makes no changes without your consent.


  • EtreCheck will not slow down your machine,
  • EtreCheck will not cause other apps to crash,
  • EtreCheck uses little memory while running and no memory when not running.

What does EtreCheck report?

  • Exact Macintosh model.
  • Installed RAM size and speed.
  • RAM upgrade instructions from Apple (if applicable to your machine)
  • Link to Apple technical specifications for your machine.
  • Link to Apple user guide for your machine.
  • Link to Apple service and warranty information for your machine.
  • Installed hard disk model, manufacturer, size, type, and free space.
  • Video graphics card and attached displays.
  • Attached USB, Firewire, and Thunderbolt peripherals and external hard drives.
  • 3rd party kernel extensions.
  • Hidden software that is always running in the background.
  • Information about your Time Machine backup.
  • Any unusual system modifications.
  • Tasks sorted by CPU usage.
  • Tasks sorted by RAM usage.
  • Free and used RAM.
  • Kernel panic reports, crash reports, and other diagnostics.

What problems can EtreCheck find?

  • Failing hard disk drive.
  • Insufficient RAM.
  • Failed background tasks.
  • Potential security risks.
  • Lack of Time Machine backup.
  • Runaway processes.
  • Obsolete software.

What about adware?

  • EtreCheck detects common adware.
  • EtreCheck identifies unknown files that could be new adware.
  • EtreCheck allows you to delete adware or unknown file.
  • Legitimate software is protected from accidental deletion.

What's New:

  • Major upgrade to internal architecture to make the app faster and more reliable;
  • Improve help;
  • The Get Solution button was not working on Major Issues and Minor Issues pages;
  • Improve detection of 32-bit apps;
  • Compatibility with new security restrictions in macOS 10.15 “Catalina”; and
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

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