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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
After countless days trying to activate my navigation on my 2015 Explorer Limited, much help from the FORScan team (Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction), and numerous communications with a Youtuber, I have found a problem and solution. If you update your SYNC to version 3.10, as you know, you cannot reverse this. You also will lose your navigation (and I lost my 911 assist too). The patches to put it back all reference version 3.08. I have found a file from xda developers that repairs the navigation installation with SYNC version 3.10. I have followed all other steps (install navipatch, wallpaper, master reset, etc...), and then I found and installed this file. My navigation works. I love it. If you updated to 3.10, install your navipatch like normal (I can experiment), reprogram your APIM with FORScan, master reset, install this file, and master reset again. You may not need to do this twice, I dunno. I only know it worked for me.
Many, many thanks to FORScan, XDA developers, and the guy on Youtube that FORScan team pointed me to (sorry, I don't remember your name at the moment).

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Download Syncman For Mac 1.2.3 Crack

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Download Syncman For Mac 1.2.3
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