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- Added support for No Touch Provisioning to prompt for username and password for XML config file download for Broadsoft server [NO TOUCH PROVISIONING]
- Changed the default provisioning protocol to HTTPS. This option “Upgrade via” is under phone’s web UI->Maintenance->Upgrade and provisioning.
- Added support for outbound notification [OUTBOUND NOTIFICATION SUPPORT]
- Added support for Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys [VIRTUAL MULTI-PURPOSE KEYS SUPPORT]
- Added support to show programmable keys status on web UI [PROGRAMMABLE KEYS STATUS ON WEB UI]
- Added option “Auto Provision List Starting Point” on web UI [AUTO PROVISION LIST STARTING POINT]
- Added additional ability to customize DHCP option for provisioning server [ADDITIONAL OVERRIDE DHCP OPTION]
- Added support for iLBC and G723 [ILBC AND G.723.1 SUPPORT]
- Added options for G723 rate, iLBC frame size and payload type [ILBC AND G.723.1 SUPPORT]
- Added option to enable and disable session timer [ENABLE SESSION TIMER]
- Added option to ring speaker for call waiting [RING SPEAKER FOR CALL WAITING]
- Added configurable backlight timer [CONFIGURABLE BACKLIGHT TIMER]
- Added color background wallpaper selection [COLOR BACKGROUND WALLPAPER SELECTION]
- Added BLF LED Pattern Explanation Form on web UI [BLF LED PATTERN EXPLANATION IN WEB UI]
- Disable screensaver when VPK is active [DISABLE SCREENSAVER WHEN VPK IS ACTIVE]
- Added fully black support for the idle screen LCD brightness (i.e., allow idle brightness to be 0) [FULL BLACK SUPPORT FOR IDLE LCD BRIGHTNESS]
- Add Blind and Attended Transfer softkey options [BLIND TRANSFER AND ATTENDED TRANSFER SOFTKEY]
- Add ability to display SIP MESSAGE text on LCD [DISPLAY SIP MESSAGE TEXT ON LCD]


Natural Speaker Text To Speech

Sugar Bytes – Aparillo 1.0.7 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX, AUi WIN.OSX x64 April 26, 2020 April 26, 2020 - by Leauger - Leave a Comment New 16-voice FM synthesizer with arpeggiator, filtering and modulation sections and a large set of presets. Download Audio Recorder - Voice Notes for macOS 10.7 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Audio Recorder lives in your menubar and makes it easy to start recording audio at a click of a button. Use it to record voice notes, lectures, meetings, interviews and much more. Download Audio Recorder - Voice Notes for macOS 10.7 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Audio Recorder lives in your menubar and makes it easy to start recording audio at a click of a button. Use it to record voice notes, lectures, meetings, interviews and much more.

- Fixed Line keys’ LED doesn't provide visual indications of Shared call appearances
- Fixed GXP2170 Call Center Guest Login box does not display the cursor
- Fixed VPK does not change status if manually configure Eventlist BLF
- Fixed Line LED doesn't light up in transferring page
- Fixed Line LED turns off after pressing Home softkey in NO RESPONSE call page
- Fixed Line LED turns off after switching to home screen then entering other screen during the call
- Fixed GXP2130/40/60’s some VPK modes doesn't work or display in LCD
- Fixed LCD does not respond after off-hook at the broken network state
- Fixed Preferred vocoder could be reset after device factory reset
- Fixed Phone cannot auto answer by the call-info provided in certain scenarios
- Fixed “Alert-Info” for ring tone is ignored
- Fixed Phone doesn't update the CID when preforming auto-attended transfer
- Fixed Phone keeps sending “SUBSCRIBE” after receiving “NOTIFY” with reason=noresource
- Fixed Dialing screen display mobile number instead of home number
- Fixed Transferred call logs do not display the name of the transferred number
- Fixed Device works abnormal after pressing EHS headset key at the on-hook dialing screen
- Fixed Bluetooth hands-free line flashes in red when there is no incoming call on the Bluetooth hands-free line
- Fixed Bluetooth hands-free call screen displays “PrivateHold” softkey which should be invalid
- Fixed Device uses Bluetooth hands-free line to call voicemail user ID
- Fixed Plantronics EHS compatibility issue
- Fixed “Confcall” softkey in Bluetooth hands-free line and SIP calls doesn’t work
- Fixed Display language of softkeys on “Keypad Locking Password” box does not update
- Fixed Time zone string is incorrect for New Foundland, Canada
- Fixed Instant message is displayed abnormally
- Fixed Audio is cut off in the beginning of the outgoing RTP stream when receiving an incoming call
- Fixed Phone failed to retrieve the parked call through the call park feature
- Fixed Phone lost network access when enabling LLDP/LLDP-med
- Fixed Phone is not recognized by some TP-LINK switch using LLDP
- Fixed “Confirm” softkey is displayed abnormally when deleting phonebook entry through dialing page
- Fixed LCD does not jump to dialing screen after pressing “NewCall softkey” in the conference
- Fixed Broadsoft IM&P feature that the phone uses wrong DNS query type
- Fixed Extra route header on ACK request
- Fixed Adding “Save confirmation” message when saving settings on phone GUI
- Changed default dial plan to { x+ +x+ *x+ *xx*x+ }



- For GXP2130/2140/2160, once upgraded to, downgrading to 1.0.5.x firmware version or lower is not supported.
- For GXP2170/2135, once upgraded to, downgrading to firmware version or lower is not supported.

About VoIP Phone Updates:

Firmware updates for VoIP Phones are very important as they usually contain many bug fixes, add new features and updates, as well as add additional security features.
One of the main problems users come across when attempting to upgrade their VoIP Phone is that their device may be locked to a certain Carrier. Adding an unlocked version of the firmware may cause the device to stop working on certain networks. This operation may void your carrier warranty and, as such, is not recommended.
Before downloading, make sure that you have selected the appropriate firmware for your device and that the update supports the VoIP service provider you use.
Generally, it is important to upgrade older firmware in sequence (v1 to v2 to v3) and so on, because many manufacturers don’t launch standalone update packages.
Although using beta release firmware packages is tempting, it can prove to be quite risky as well. If you choose to try beta release updates, please read the detailed firmware notes and make sure that you have the possibility to revert to an older and more stable version in case the beta turns out faulty.
If you feel that this update can improve the functionality of your VoIP Phone, please use the download button and follow the installation instructions.

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.
Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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