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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
  • Hi Can anyone please help me. at one point the Butt was working perfectly fine Now I keep getting an error message that comes up. Saying error while parsing config. lllegal value (-1) for num _of _ srv Butt is going to close now , I have tried to uninstall the program but the error message is not going away any suggestions would appreciate your assistance.
  • I have used butt on a Macbook Air and really liked it but I've never been able to get it to compile on my Ubuntu/Linux machine. My last try failed with a make problem with libcrypto - this is with version 0.1.20. I have Pop-OS 20.04 which is Ubuntu from System 76 and no luck compiling. I certainly rate the program highly and wish I could find a solution -- the Apple version comes as a DMG package and there are no install problems at all. -Daniel - thanks for the helpful response. I'll follow up and let you know when I've got it working.

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    Posted 2020-05-16
    Hello tohasu, a missing libcrypto most likely means you have not installed openssl. Please install the libssl-dev packet. If you are still having issues, please have a look at the manual: If it still fails, write me a mail. Best, Daniel
  • Hybrid-Analysis rates this program as malicious. Would never install. [https]://

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    Posted 2020-01-10
    This is a false positive. That website does even say that firefox is malicious...
  • This program is excellent, and I've used it for years. I use it to stream our church audio to an icecast server so people can listen in. I really like the fact that it can record locally even when it's streaming.
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